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Bluetooth Tour Guide System

Bluetooth Tour Guide System

Abridge all Distances with Our Bluetooth Tour Guide System!

Stay apart, but stay connected! That’s what our mission is when it comes to provide an audio tour guide system. Either you go to museum, to any tour on foreign country, or even performing religious activity, it’s must to stay connected with your team guide, or your tour mates. A quality Bluetooth tour guide system can be your companion to guide you in all regards.

With our lightweight Bluetooth audio guide systems, you can depend on fresh, clear stable execution. Defeat commotion and separation issues and ensure your message is heard. Visit aides will interface and associate with visitors more than ever. 

It is simple set up and use and works over a separation of 100 meters. At the point when completely energized the system can be utilized for 8-10 hours. The framework is reasonable for in and open air guided visits, and can likewise be utilized in gatherings where at least one translators give constant interpretation.

How Our Product Is Applicable?

Our Bluetooth audio highly applicable for business, civic meetings, education training, employee training, Government, auditoriums, athletic stadiums or arena, hospitality or tourism, entertainment, and Enhanced personalized audio.

What Type of Bluetooth Device We Have?

At hmaudioguide, you can discover wide variety of Bluetooth devices including; 

1. Proof Audio Guide Device For Exhibition

2. Auto Induction Audio Guide Device , White M7 Automatic Tour Guide System

3. Small Size I7 Ear Hanging Automatic Tour Guide System 20g Audio Guides For Museums

4. 006A Handheld Digital Tour Guide System , Small / Light Audio Tour Guide System

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