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An Audio Tour Device, also known as a self-guided tour or audio guide, is a gadget that allows a person to tour an attraction or museum without the assistance of a local guide.

We specialize in developing and manufacturing tourism-related electrical products and providing a comprehensive spectrum of technical support and services. Our products benefit from long transmission distance, low interference, portable and reliable performance, and can be widely used in tourism, museums, travel firms, factories, government agencies, and technology centers that trust our strong technical strength.

How Does a Tour Audio Device Work?

Tour Audio Devices are systems used by guides that consist of a wireless transmitter with a microphone and multiple headphone receivers for the tourists. Audio guide players are an alternative to these systems. There are many other related devices for guided tours, including tour guide systems, whisper radio guide systems, and portable short-range wireless systems.

The maximum volume of an audio guide is limited in situations where excessive noise from audio guides is unacceptable, such as in cultural centers. Furthermore, when visitors pay for an audio guide individually, limiting the device’s maximum volume is common to stop it from being shared by multiple people.

Using headphones is only recommended if the user needs two hands-free times during the tour. The utilization for a monaural headset should  in scenarios where the user is strolling and listening to an audio guide in a city center with traffic is essential. Avoid wearing headphones since they make it difficult to hear approaching vehicles.

Multiple types of Audio Tour Devices we have:

We’re offering high-quality Audio Tour Devices capable of low interference, portable and reliable performance, and long transmission distance.

  1.     008B Bi-Directional Travel Audio Guide 800Mhz For Tourist Reception
  2.     008C Long Distance Tour Guide Device, Audio Tour Guide Equipment For Museum
  3.     Black Professional L8 Wireless Tour Guide System With Transmitter And Receiver

What Distinctive Features do Our Tour Audio Devices offer?

We’ll collaborate with you and, if necessary, outline your requirements to create a logical, flowing script that will inform, entertain, and add value to your trips. We’ll organize the professional translation of your scripts and voiceover artists if you need to supply several language channels.

Visitors using an hmaudioguide device can listen through the handset’s built-in speakers or by connecting headphones (or a neck loop adaptor for hearing aid users). It is also an excellent approach to managing high visitor periods when it would be impractical to distribute guides to many groups.