Wireless Tour Guide System

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Wireless Tour Guide System

Experience Hassle-Free Conversation via Our Provided Wireless Tour Guide System

The most common hassle for every individual in a tour group is; not hearing their guide properly due to distraction, noisy pollution, and yet they have to stay tuned with their guide, right? In these situations, only one thing can make connections with your tour guide, and group – a wireless tour guide system. Welcome to hmaudioguide! We provide what you need, and what gadget will be suitable according to your need.

Our wireless tour guide system is easy to use, as this listening equipment has been specifically designed for tour guides and their groups, it’s versatile to use for both guided and self-led tours. At hmaudioguide, you’ll get such a product that can be simple or fully interactive (including audio synchronization with video and other audiovisual stimuli).

We offer turnkey arrangements, giving the faculty to supervise visits to your locales or shows. We can likewise help with counseling, financing, and pre-venture assignments. As experts in this field of movement, we can work with you on co-creating ventures.

What Make Our Wireless Audio Guide Different From Others?

All wireless microphones will have a maximum range that they will operate in far from their receiver and battery life is as vital because, unlike various other electric parts that you can use with an older fading battery, a wireless tour guide system is best utilized with a totally operating batter for evident reasons.

Our guide system is a portable wireless audio tour guide system that allows a guide to speak to a group of people, the system consists of a transmitter with a microphone for the guide, receivers with headphones for the audience, and (often) a charger storage case.

Product Application:

Focus on the tourism industry, museum, school, outside travel group, training, horse rider training, indoor tour team, hajj, church, meetings or more.