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Wireless Audio Guide Systems – Manufacturers, Factory, Supplier From China 

A Wireless Audio Guide System is a device that consists of a wireless transmitter with a microphone. Mostly, a guide or speaker uses it. It comes with a set of wireless receivers and headphones worn by tourists, and the wireless receivers enable them to hear the guide’s explanations throughout the tour.

 The goal of a tour guide system is for tourists to listen to the guide standing far away. We highly recommend you to use it for more than ten people groups and required for larger groups.

Why Are Wireless Audio Guide Systems Preferable?

Wireless guide systems enable users to hear the guide at a constant volume regardless of how far away the guide is. This ease of use during the tours and conferences improves listening attention.

 As a result, it improves the overall quality of communication. Users who use such guide systems have a higher opinion of the knowledge. Such as whisper system, audio tour, and portable short-range wireless system.

Advancements In Wireless Audio Tour Guide Systems

Until the early 2000s, the technology involved whisper radio guide and portable short-range wireless systems. The tour guide systems and group guiding systems were analog.

With the recent introduction of digital transmission in Wireless Audio Tour Guide Systems resulted in significant advancements:

  •         Increased volume in the receivers’ audio.
  •         The range of coverage extended to more than 100 meters.
  •         The receiver’s constant background noise, distortion, and crackling have detached, even when the guide is not speaking.
  •         Reduction in the distraction or clicks appearing when the receiver is about to leave the coverage area.
  •         The maximum number of groups that could exist in a given area without interfering increased from two to twenty.
  •         Reduced battery consumption level while extending the time between charges.
  •         Improved appearance and overall outer designs.

You can buy Tour Guide System in China from a wide range of featured products we’ve listed. It includes:

  1.    Portable 008c wireless audio guide system 800mhz tour guide device CE / ROHS certification
  2.  A9 android intelligent 3 – proof audio guide device, tour guide wireless audio system
  3.  008A mini wireless audio guide system transmitter and receiver for a scenic spot

Quality Tour Guide Systems

The overall system used in our audio guide products adopts the advanced international wireless strengthen technology. It makes the equipment lightweight, fashionable in appearance, and convenient to carry.

Hmaudioguide is China established and sells affordable Wireless Audio Guide Systems worldwide. These devices use 3G or Wi-Fi access without other peripherals. Our wireless systems enhance safety and build two-way communication easily. It further provides high voice resolution.

Our hands-free devices are for tour groups, factory tours, and guided tours. The platform of the wireless tour guide system is a high-tech manufacturer of an audio guide. Hmaudioguide is a leading audio system manufacturer supplying tour guide headsets and wireless headsets.

Our solutions don’t only increase assistive listening but reduce the social distance. This group is a leading platform for audio solutions.