008B Long Distance Museum Audio Tours Nice Bi- Directional Wireless Audio System

Detailed Product Description
Product: Tour Guide Device Color: Black
Componet: Transmitter&Receiver Power: Lithium Battery
Feature: Bi-directional Application: Teaching/Traning

Man 008B tour guide system is detrusion by HUMANTEK CO.,LTD,The system adopts the international advanced wireless amplification technology,Use The Wireless Bi-directional tour guide system,the narrator and the audience can interact eachother,can be realized within the team can ask one answer,everyone can hear,the function to fill a gap in the industry!
The dvice contains Transmitter and Receiver;

Appearance can specify the color, printing logo;
or redesign shell.(Larger quantities)

TuMan 008B product feature: 


1. Unique two-way radio: avoid one-way explain the poor interaction;

2. Far transmission distance:open field >= 280 m;

3. The through wall effect is good: through concrete wall,brick wall penetration effect;

4. The transmission effect to international level,the leading domestic:Using core technology sound processing,perennial export Europe and the United States and other countries!

How to use|

Using graphic:





Charger 1 for 10(Model:UCG01)

Charing box 1 for 30(Model:6BoxC01)

AAA battery(Dry Cell)

Working frequency:
400MHz-470MHz,Narrow band (can be customized broadband!);
Channel Quantities:
64:64 teams in the same place,
no interference;
Channel spacing:
Transmitter power:
Receiving sensitivity:
Working voltage:
2.4-3.3VDC,AAA battery;
Input and Output:
Input(transmitter):3.5mm microphone;
Output(receiver):3.5mm earphone
Oscillator: PLL;
Second harmonic: >40dbc;
Frequency response: 300Hz-3KHz;
Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB(typical);
Working current: Transmitter:≤110mA(20dBm);
distance: >=150 meter;
Dimensions: Length70mm×Width48mm×Height18mm;
Weight: 35g(without battery)

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