Html 5 Pages T1 Qr Code Scanner Exhibition / Museum Audio Guide Equipment


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Type: SoftWare, Pages Content: Audio,video,text ,images
Product: Audio Guide System Application: Introduce Exhibits Or Scenic Spot


html5 pages , The T1 Qr code scanning guide system for museum or exhibition

T1 Qr code scanning guide system suitable for: personal self-help tour, individual Tours, etc.; Main usage: visitors use intelligent terminal, start the qr code scanning the code lable in the exhibition or mesuem, can play pre-recorded text, images, audio and video and other multimedia information!
 What’s this|
TuMan T1 using qr code technology,provide visitors with phonetic explanation (sound, video) service!

Visitors use smart phone, open the qr code scanning software , to sacn the qr code label (logo) obviously in exhibit or booth , will get the exhibit or booth details, with pictures, text, multilingual voice or video broadcast to visitors.

TuMan T1 system advantages:


1. Visitors using own equipment, convenient and healthy;


2. The popular design, easy to scan.


3. Can liberate the of human resources for interpret;


4. Use 3 g or Wifi access, without other peripherals.

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