Museum Audio Tours Wireless Audio Tour Guide System For Simultaneous Interpretation

Detailed Product Description
Product: Tour Guide Device Color: Black
Componet: Transmitter&Receiver Power: Lithium Battery
Feature: Play Audio Files Application: Factory Reception

008C Wireless Audio Tour Guide System For Simultaneous Interpretation

TuMan 8 series device,apply to: wireless team interpretation,simultaneous interpretation,etc.; Mainly used for manned interpreatation: can manual use,also can play pre-recorded audio,that need human to control. We have many models for your choice!

TuMan 008C tour guide system is detrusion by HUMANTEK CO.,LTD,The system adopts the international advanced wireless amplification technology,Interpretation of the personnel can be artificial, also can play the audio file inside the device, when artificial interpretation, transmission quality clear; When playing audio in the device, with HIFI sound, like place oneself in sound;Sound,audio or music, take turns to exchange, increase tour rich taste!
The dvice contains Transmitter and Receiver;

TuMan 008C product feature: 

1. Built-in audio playback: Can both realize audio guide and personal interpretation;Can implement multilingual interpretation;If only a few words of a foreign language, also can skilled be a tour guide!

2. Far transmission distance:open field >= 280 m;

3. The through wall effect is good:through concrete wall,brick wall penetration effect;

4. The transmission effect to international level,the leading domestic:Using core technology sound processing,perennial export Europe and the United States and other countries!

Appearance can specify the color, printing logo;
or redesign shell.(Larger quantities)

How to use|

Using graphic:





Charger 1 for 10(Model:UCG01)


Charing box 1 for 30(Model:6BoxC01)


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