Wireless Calling System


The wireless calling system is composed of a bedside pager, a medical signboard receiving host, and a corridor double-sided display host. With its stable performance, simple installation, and convenient calling, it is widely used in medical and elderly care places. Press when the patient has a pager request on the ward or during treatment call button, Medical staff receive call information through the viewing panel host with case slot and corridor display screen, and broadcast and prompt the number according to the host call ward and treatment room immediately to provide emergency treatment. Can also carry the wrist receiver host, anytime, anywhere to receive the call of the patient device information.



Modulation system: ASK
Receive sensitivity:  -114dB
Volume: Tenth level CNC
Working frequency: 433MHz±75KHz
Storage capacity: 001-256 pager
Host voltage: AC220V/DC12V2A
Launch distance: 500m
Transmit power: 20mW
Working current: <15mA
Operating Voltage: DC12V23A